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Originally Posted by brucer007 View Post
I got the Vietnamese from Google Translate..haha!

Huntington Beach is a beautiful beach, especially when the US Open Surf competition is going on. Lot's action shot opportunities with surfing, waving running on Jet Skis, skateboarding in a wooden pool, motor-cross bike jumping, and motor-cycles doing jumps like 30 feet in the air, oh my! Shots of birds and kites are nice to. Very soothing!

If I was technically able to display a photo, you would now be looking a picture of girl jumping in a tower 300 feet over the city at night, as two men are after her with guns and a Samurai sword.
You mean this one?

Are you sure you're using the [ bracket as opposed to { or (? and don't forget the ending [/img] has the backslash / in it! Hope that helps!
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