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Name of Commissioner: Cosnet (Japan, purchased through shopping service)

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Tiger and Bunny Ivan Karelin full set

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Stock photos here, worn photos coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): About a week and a half to my shopping service, and then a week to me

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
I had my heart set on an Ivan jacket that resembled an actual sukajan with the designs embroidered rather than painted or screenprinted, and after searching everywhere I could on eBay, Yahoo! Japan, and various Japanese pre-made sites, I stumbled upon Cosnet. They were new but I found some relatively good reviews in Japanese, they didn't have stolen photos like many of the Y!J sellers or eBay sellers I encountered, and the embroidery on the back of the jacket looked beautiful. Plus the price wasn't too bad, even compared to eBay! So I decided to go with cosnet, and to get the full set because it was less than 2000 to add in the pants and tank top.

The jacket is pretty good. There are a few minor flubs in the embroidery, but nothing that I actually mind or that show up other than in extreme closeup; one or two skipped threads and one thread end not cut properly. However, while I admit this was my fault for not noticing or asking, the jacket was lined in lavender instead of (accurate) yellow, and the red zipper somehow stands out a lot more and looks kind of "off" in person. There's no doubt it's the same zipper on the site, but somehow it looked better in the pictures. The striped trim is actually ribbed purple trim (which doesn't perfectly match in color, unlike in the sample photos, but close enough that I don't mind) with black trim sewn on. I don't really like that. But the overall jacket craftsmanship is quite nice! While for it to be really accurate for Ivan's style of jacket the white and purple fabrics should have been shinier, they are very comfortable, don't wrinkle, and the lining fabric feels amazing. If I weren't afraid of people thinking I'm the biggest weeaboo in the world for wearing a jacket that says JAPAN on it, I'd wear the jacket as everyday apparel.

I didn't expect too much from the pants and jacket considering you could add them on for so little, and while what I got looks kind of cheap and costumey, they're still tolerable and usable. The tank top is very cheaply made and is some kind of awful polyester knit, but it's still pretty comfortable and it fits and hangs very nicely. The pants are of rather inexpensive polyester, and while the overall construction is pretty good, for some reason there is a white zipper in green pants, and the gold buttons on the cargo pockets look kind of odd IRL. The pants have partially elastic waists (tolerable because the tank top and jacket will cover this), and the buttonhole is slightly too tight for the front fly button. They did give me a spare gold button and a spare green button for the fly, though. The sizing runs a little small on the pants, I think; I got a size L which was marked 66-75cm waist, my own waist is 66cm, and the pants fit me perfectly. I think they'd probably be uncomfortable if stretched out to 75cm.

Overall, what I got wasn't stellar, but it was definitely worth the price. It's wearable, the jacket is wonderfully made and VERY comfortable despite the few problems, and the construction on the pants is good even if the fabric is cheap. For something meant to be casual and worn around as comfortable and low-effort, I got my money's worth, even if I do think I'm going to be replacing the tank top with something cotton for the sake of not dying of heat.

Final Grade: B+.
What you see on their site is exactly what you get, and while I wouldn't trust them with some things (their portfolio is incredibly hit-or-miss, with some relatively simple designs being executed terribly inaccurately and a few very complex designs being executed at the level of something I'd normally expect to cost far more), if you're not expecting anything mindblowing and you like what you see, Cosnet might be a good option. I wasn't able to find a shop on Taobao matching their selection, but if you can and it's cheaper, I'd recommend that even more.
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