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Originally Posted by Crusader_8 View Post
haters gonna hate! "It ain't Cod:Bo, bro! I tell yu it's the killer app yo jank is just filler crap!" This echoes throughout the West.
Because of Catherine, /v/ is currently a hilarious, autistic shitfest. Never before has it been so obvious that someone hasn't even played a demo for a game. They make the "GLORIOUS NIPPON IS SUPERIOR, UGUU" idiots look good. The weeaboo crowd is for once well-composed, while the "WEST IS BEST" haters have essentially become a reverse damage control, unwilling to accept that Catherine is quite possibly one of the best games released this year. Seriously, check out /v/ sometime soon for a good laugh. The sheer amount of MAD, all because some people enjoy video games, is in full force with Catherine general threads.
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