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Originally Posted by pltshp View Post
Can I just say I need to see pictures of the Kaizokuban cosplay?! The hardcore KAT-TUN fan in me just squealed a tiny bit at your Koki picture :'D
o:! KAT-TUN fan!

I haven't actually started on the costumes yet. I need to crank out three variations of Koki's hat by October (they'll be red, dark purple, and bright orange) for me and my friends to wear. My friend wants to do Koki's costume (but with a purple hat) and I want to make Nakamaru's (with a red hat), and the third in our group might just have the (orange) hat only. We probably won't have the actual costumes done by Aki-Con, though, due to time constraints. .-. But I will totally start posting pictures when I do start.

(And also, sometime in the future I may need your help identifying which guy is which in the Real Face PV. o: I can't find any official pictures of them in their red Real Face outfits, so I'll have to screencap it first.)

Originally Posted by OldestAngel View Post
@LadyAnathema: I really want to see your Haunted~ it looked so cool on the pictures!
Yes, yes, come and say Hi to me too! Aki is so small we'll definitely be passing my each other in the halls sometime. Unlike Sakura-Con, during which I did not see a single person I was looking for.

When the Aki-Con schedule comes out, I'll be able to figure out which day I'll be bringing Haunted (I'm most likely commuting from home on Capitol Hill every day and Haunted is not bus-friendly), but it will most likely end up being Saturday.
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