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Name of Commissioner: CosOO (also goes by haof2006 on ebay)
Character commissioned and series: Full Male School Uniform from Clannad
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline: ~1 month, Ordered 3/17, Received 4/8
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: At first I was glad I received it in time for a con I was going to, though the day before. My first reaction was that I was impressed, the patch on the uniform was high quality and was sew onto the uniform as if it were a really school uniform. Though as I prepared for the con somethings started to stick out. First the uniform's suit was not tan/beige as the image on their site shown. I was very bright pink-orange and looks to flashy and unnatural. This is a shame as if it were tan as shown in the image I wouldn't mind wearing it as casual clothes. And though the suit looked new when I looked at the inside lining there were some brown stains that looked like blood. It also came with a striped shirt, red tie, and blue pants, all cheaply made. The shirt felt like thin cardboard and looked like it would break if washed. I ended up wearing my own shirt and tie. Worst of all were the pants which when I put on were extremely itchy, so itchy I took them off in less than a minute and then my skin turned red as if it were allergic to the material. I washed and tried them again later for another con but it was so staticly and itchy my skin would not handle it which is strange since my legs have been used to much hardships from my time camping and doing outdoor activities. Over all it cost me 68.90 plus 23.90 for shipping making the total around $93. This is pricey considering I saved up for this and only ended up using the suit since everything was so cheap. And I rarely cosplay with the suit since the colors are so off, I ended up cutting off the patch and using my own tan blazer. Over all I think they were fast and meant to offer everything they shown, but considering they are a PRC company they just copy cosplay outfits from other sites and make their own cheap ones. Just don't trust the picture you see when ordering, what you see is not what you get.

Final Grade:
Cosplay Lists:
2009 South Park (Stan)
2010 South Park (Stan), Clannad (Sunohara)
2011 Clannad (Sunohara), Hetalia (KMT China), South Park (Kevin)
2012-2014 My Little Pony (Soarin')

Conventions defeated:
SDComic Con (09), Baltimore Comic Con (09, 10, 11, 13), Fanime (10, 11, 12), Otakon (09, 10, 11, 12, 13), AnimeUSA (12, 13), Katsukon (12), JohnCon (11, 12, 14), Small Press Expo (11, 12), Cloudsdale Congress (13), Trotcon (13, 14), BronyBABScon (14), Anime Expo (14)
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