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Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
Just Chapter 3 here, and I don't see it.

I'm really used to people online bitching about the simplest things in games or stuff they don't have a single clue about (Everytime non-developers talk about "development cycles", my eyes twitch).
What?! No sugoi kawaii desu desu ichiban Japanese voices in Catherine?! Fuck this game, fuck Atlus!

Jokes aside, I'm terrible at puzzle games, so even Catherine's Easy mode gave me a lot of trouble. But I persisted and finally finished it at like, 2am today. I answered all of the questions honestly and got Katherine's good ending. Feels good bro.

I'm going to try playing on Very Easy mode from now on. I facepalm every time I see Catherine (the character), but I'm going to have to bear her if I want to get all of the endings.

Originally Posted by Crusader_8 View Post
haters gonna hate! "It ain't Cod:Bo, bro! I tell yu it's the killer app yo jank is just filler crap!" This echoes throughout the West.
Pretty much this. The big boys are going to be playing Battlefield 3, while the kiddies will be playing Call of Derp: Modern Warfail 3. Can't wait.
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