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So I'm going to be making Rena Ryuugu's white dress seen in most of Higurashi

I've no idea the material I should use. I don't want it to be stretchy (PLEASE NO COTTON. I don't wanna look like I modded a tshirt.), but not too stiff (so gabardine is out of the question)... what should I use.
I have a cosplay (Lucky Star) that I bought years ago that I like the material used on... but I've no idea what it is. I wanna use it so bad... but I honestly have no idea.
So, from looking at this, avoiding cotton, anything stretchy and 'normal clothes wear', what should I use...?
(I hope muslin is out of the question as well)

(This cosplayed used something similar to what the uniform I have is made out of, it looks like:
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