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Originally Posted by SpiffyPoptarts View Post
Yeah, I think I've seen this one... I totally didn't even think about it. Thanks so much!
No problem! ^^

Originally Posted by Kakashi's Washu View Post
So I'm going to be making Rena Ryuugu's white dress seen in most of Higurashi

I've no idea the material I should use. I don't want it to be stretchy (PLEASE NO COTTON. I don't wanna look like I modded a tshirt.), but not too stiff (so gabardine is out of the question)... what should I use.
I have a cosplay (Lucky Star) that I bought years ago that I like the material used on... but I've no idea what it is. I wanna use it so bad... but I honestly have no idea.
So, from looking at this, avoiding cotton, anything stretchy and 'normal clothes wear', what should I use...?
(I hope muslin is out of the question as well)

(This cosplayed used something similar to what the uniform I have is made out of, it looks like:
Unfortunately, that cosplay looks like she used cotton. And I was about to recommend cotton from the reference too.
You can try bringing a part of your Lucky Star cosplay to a fabric store and ask them what type of fabric they think was used. I did this once when I was trying to get fabric for my Miku cosplay and they gave me about two-three different fabrics.

Still, I think you should use cotton. It won't look as cheap as it sounds, trust me. (My CamelliaMiku cosplay was made out of BEDSHEETS, and no one noticed. And it looks brilliant)
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