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I'm pretty much a newb as a cosplayer, and bought a wig from them at a con on a whim for a future cosplay, but I've got to say I got really lucky.

I bought the Ultra Pepperoni Shoujo-Blast for N Harmonia (they weren't selling Diabolical Undergarments Akuma Princess yet, which probably would have worked better) and was VERY pleased. With some curlers and hairspray, I was able to add the hairflips on the side and add some loose curls in the back easily. It runs a bit small though, especially underneath my hat, but luckily my head is small. I'm pretty sure you could get a similar style for cheaper, but since I bought it in person with no shipping costs, it was a good buy.

Though I was wondering if anyone bought or know of how Stupid Smexy Tomb Thief looks? I'm considering it for Yami Bakura, since it looks nicely pre-styled, but alas there's no front view of it on the website, so I'm a bit hesitant. (Plus it's always nice to get an outside opinion.)
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