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Originally Posted by sdeegan View Post
Oh my. . . can I just that is one of the best Mia & Godots I've ever seen? You two really know how to pick characters that suit you, not only do you look like Mia, but from the way the picture looks, you've captured her personality too. The same goes for the Godot, the whole cosplay looks really put together (even the minor details).
@ sdeegan: Thank you! We really wanted to pick something that suited us and was age appropriate at the same time... I'm always worried that when I choose a costume, it wouldn't be a good fit, you know? Mia was so comfortable, and I'll definitely wear it again. :3 I tried really hard to just be myself as Mia, and I suppose it worked somewhat? xD

But it would be great to get a proper photoshoot in! Maybe even with more of the original PW cast! :<
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