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Name of Commissioner: TeL / Blackmarket Studios
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Iluna from FFAT2
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: none
Timeline: Was looking for someone who could do the whole thing including the props and boots. Found their site and contacted them for a quote on the April 18th, 2011. Deadline was set as September 2011 but was told they could finish by the end of July. Sent in a deposit on April 22nd. No contact or any sort of response from them since July 3rd. End of July deadline has been missed.


Sent my deposit on April 22nd and the measurements requested on May 23rd. Made it clear when ordering that I expected regular communication from them and progress updates. Also asked for a few quote on potential future cosplays. Was told on May 24th that the materials would be bought and pictures taken. No pictures were sent and I was never contacted. On June 4th I asked for a update and for the promised pictures of materials. No response. I contacted them again on the 9th threatening to file a paypal claim. I was contact on the 11th with an apology and sent a picture of one of the props for the costume. They also said they were having internet problems due to a tropical storm. The prop looked good and I was satisfied with their explanation of the situation. Was told pictures of the fabric that was to be used for the costume would be sent soon. Nothing was sent. I contacted them on June 28th, thinking it was a fair amount of time for them to get the internet up and running, and asked for the previews I was promised. No response. Threatened to file a paypal claim on July 1st and receive a response the very same day claiming bad weather was causing an internet problem still. I responded with an email stating my worries over the fact that I only got responses from them when I threatened to get my money back and that it looked suspicious on my end. Also, that I was upset at having been promised previews twice, that were never sent. I got another response on the 2nd full of excuses that the rain and floods cause their internet to go down. It sounded like their workshop had flooded and that they were having some major issues. I am not unsympathetic so I gave them an opportunity to back out of the commission if they could no longer handle it but they said it was fine and that everything would be done by the end of July. They were professional sounding and seemed sincere. I was told in another email sent July 3rd that my costume would be finished that weekend and a picture of the in-progress props would be sent. I have not heard nor received any reply from them since that email on the 3rd and it is now August 1st. I now email daily hoping for a response but none seems to be forthcoming.

Pros: The one prop preview I was sent looks amazing but it was probably the cheapest and easiest part of the costume to make. I think it's this preview that disappoints me the most, because you can tell their work is quality, but it's worth nothing to me if the never finish or send it.

Cons: No previews of anything but the one prop even though I was repeatedly told several times that previews were going to be sent. No contact for a month. No response to any of my emails. Nothing sent by the end of July deadline.

UPDATE: Through the help of several people, I was able to get in contact with someone from the Blackmarket group. Thank you all! The person who takes care of their emails has been sick and while they managed to call some customers, it seems others were missed. On August 4th I received progress pictures of everything but the boots. As expected, things look good, especially the props. I will update again depending on when I get the final product delivered. The group seems to do good work, but there are many problems with communication. They also seem to be having a rough time with floors and sickness in their home country.

UPDATE: Seems I have proven to be a naive fool. It is now well past my deadline and I have received nothing at all. Apparently the group has also now split up and I will probably never see my commission or money ever again. I will be doing up another review for the group that supposedly took over my commission after blackmarket split up call Impworx. It appears that they too will be getting an F. Do not waste you time or money with either group.

Final Grade: F
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