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I've gone through pretty much every major contact thread on the forum, but I'm still slightly concerned about getting quality lenses.

I trust the Korean and Japanese equivalents of the FDA just fine, but I'm reading a lot of things like "they're illegal in the US so customs will take them" or "you're going to end up with fake Chinese knockoffs and go blind." Clearly a lot of people wear circle lenses and such, and they're not blind or having corneal ulcers or anything like that. If I could get natural-looking red lenses from the optometrist, I wouldn't have a problem, but they're of the opinion that you shouldn't use anything not from a huge American monopoly contact brand, so they're not being as helpful as I would like.

Can I safely get EOS or Geo lenses from Kiwiberry or Mukuchuu without worrying about customs taking them or my eyes melting or something? What about New Adult, Dolly+, Nova, Hanabi, Ruby, Sakura Candy lenses from Pinky Paradise (found here)? Are all of these KFDA/KGMP approved (I know everything but Ruby and Sakura Candy are, but I can't find those...)? And is it OK to use OptiFree Replenish solution with these types of lens?
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