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Favorite historical costuming books?

Does anybody have any great historical costuming books (Any era) to recommend?

I'm currently reading three good ones:

1. Costume in Detail 1730-1930 By Bancy Bradford
The sketches in this are amazing and beautiful and enough information is given to recreate any of the gowns. This book contains only female clothing.

2. Survey of Historic Costume Third Edition By Phyllis Tortora and Keith Eubank
This is the most wordy of all three books but there are still many good sketches, paintings/portraits and pictures of actual garments on people and dress forms. Figure 33 in the middle is a gorgeous Victorian morning gown.

3. Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail By Lucy Johnson
This has the most beautiful full color pictures of historical garments I have ever seen. Men and women's clothing but mainly focuses on women's clothing.
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