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Originally Posted by Kakashi's Washu View Post
(PLEASE NO COTTON. I don't wanna look like I modded a tshirt.)
It will only look like a t-shirt you use a cotton knit. I agree with Clockwalk that a woven cotton or cotton/poly blend would be fine. Although you did say that you don't want anything stretchy, given how fitted the bodice is, you might consider a cotton/lycra blend. It is woven but the lycra gives it a little stretch.

Originally Posted by Ehekatl View Post
What fabric would you use for doctor Doom's cloak? I'm making something that's exactly like his cloak/tunic/cape/whatisthis
I think that most broadcloth would be too thin to make a nice cape. What I'd use would depend a lot on the character and it sounds like you're not actually making a Dr. Doom costume? In any event - for the image that you posted, I'd use a wool or a wool/blend. Or maybe moleskin.
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