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Name of Commissioner Foxas
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) Full Eternal Sailor Moon (including boots and wig), Rachel from Ninja Gaiden full cosplay (including boots and wig)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: None of one and a few of ESM anime version in pieces and one full shot of everything --
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Too long. My deadline was missed and my items were never completed. I never received them.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments
Experience: At first, Foxas seemed really nice. She responded quickly and even gave me her phone number for faster communication. My order was placed in May I think and was a rush order for June. She said she would do everything, but the wigs, which her girlfriend would do. The price was pretty expensive, but it was a rush order so I just let it slide. She was not good with progress photos. Communication became less as time went on. I really wanted to believe she was an honest person, but after talking to several people, I learned she was telling us all different reasons on why she wasn't responding. I cannot stand being lied to. Supposedly, my products were finished, excluding wigs. It was supposedly shipped with a company whose name is untraceable. It was to be to me before my con. It didn't arrive. She says the packages were magically stolen. I'm not sure how...there was no tracking number provided, though I specifically asked for one. Two weeks later, the packages were "found" by some detective and were said to be ripped open. I was told both packages were found, but I never saw any photos of my Rachel cosplay though I asked multiple times. I finally saw a finished product of my ESM, but the colors were completely wrong. The sleeves were not poofy like I asked. Everything just looked poorly constructed, though I did like the boots. Sadly, that was the only thing I liked. The wings were hideous and not at all what I asked for. They were way too small. There were so many issues. It makes me super frustrated because we spent days going over exactly what I wanted. I even sent fabric color samples and types...they were still wrong. She proceeded to tell me I asked for that color of yellow, which is more gold. However, I kept the texts I sent her and it was not the color I sent. She proceeded to tell me I asked for gold, but again, I kept the texts I sent and I even forwarded it to her for proof that I asked for yellow, not gold, which the text specifically states from me the first time. The other colors are off as well. I asked for the anime ESM, not the manga, but it looks like the manga version way more. She finally agreed to a full refund by July 1st. I never got it, though she assured me she'd have it well before then. I opened a dispute with PayPal, which I reminded her to make sure she responded to. She never did. After a week or two, I escalated it to a claim...and she never responded to PayPal. By default, PayPal gave me my money back, thank goodness.

PROS: Nothing at this point. I wish I could say she was an honest and genuine person. I gave her that chance, but she never followed through with anything we discussed.

CONS: Pretty much...everything. I cannot stand being lied to and I'm pretty sure the whole package being stolen thing was a lie, as most the other things she told me or other customers were.

Final Grade: F -- I would avoid her.

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