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Name of Commissioner: CosOO (also goes by haof2006 on ebay)
Character commissioned and series: Full mei-chan no bulter costume and also full K-on! cosplay
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline: been almost a month
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:

pro: only website that had the costume that i really wanted and the costume fits really nicely

con : I placed a order with them on July 8th and on the 10 said it would be 10-15 business days to send me my costumes( i had ordered 2 and sent custom measurements) 15 days pass no costumes. after writing them on ebay ( threatening refund) and regular mail they said that it had shipped on the 31st. said that they would send me a tracking number later. sent me a tracking number and is was not the correct one.! so i checked the ebay page and it had the correct tracking number. i asked which number was correct and they said that the one on ebay was and not the one they had sent me. they had also said to try another tracking number but that one is wrong also. Just got the package today aug. 4 and they only sent me one costume! Also they made pants when the pic on the site is in shorts. ( that is a easy fix). so i am now in the process of finding out where the other one is and possibly asking ebay for a refund on the missing costume) so they get a D- for not giving me good service on the tracking side and sending me one costume.

grade D-
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