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Hi, I'm back ~ It's nice to see so many other people joining the thread! ^_^

Elysium Sans - Wow, you and your husband look amazing as Godot and Mia, and it's so cool that you cosplay together - lol, I want a husband like that XD

tifaia - what you have so far looks great, you'll look awesome as Shih-na! I've never seen a Shih-na cosplayer before, I can't wait to see the finished result! ^_^ And lol, I love the handbag XD

SallyValentine - Hmm, for recognizable Hobohodou props, I can't really think of any other suggestions myself - Grape juice sounds great, as well as tifaia's suggestion of a box with catchphrases on - lol, that sounds awesome, as well as practical - you could carry your phone, ID, etc. in it.

And as a reply to Heavens_Night's last comment:

Nope, they have them in pretty much every bookstore. If push comes to shove, they're really cheap on Amazon.
Ooh, I'll have to look into getting those, then ~

My friend and I just asked cosplayers from the series if they wanted to meet up. We picked a time and place and almost everyone we asked showed up. ^_^
I'll have to try something like that sometime - I've just found a UK cosplaying site as well, so that should make it easier. ^_^

Umm I'm not quite sure; I'm focusing on a few other cosplays at the moment but my next AA girl will probably be Kay. I've always wanted to do Maggey's Tres Bien uniform, too!
Ooh, Kay, that would be awesome to see! ^_^ As I said before, I've thought of doing Kay as well (along with every single other character, lol), but her outfit looks way beyond the realms of what I'm willing to bother doing XD And how is her hair supposed to be done? Is is a ponytail with a key stuck through it?

A Tres Bien outfit would be great to see, too! Then you could be Maya, Maggie, Mia!Maya, and maybe Viola at a push (She dressed up in the Tres Bien uniform, though it wasn't shown) Have you got any of the stuff for either of those outfits yet?

Ahh I totally understand. D: I don't think your mum would be offended, though, if it's just constructive advice! :3
Yeah, I guess you're right - my mum seemed as in awe of it as me, and I don't think she would have minded me asking. Though when I told my nan and showed her a photo, she seemed a bit annoyed that someone out there had a bigger Mr Hat than me - lol, I guess she has a competetive streak XD But if anything like this did happen again and I asked how they did it, it should be fine - as I said, my mum didn't seem to mind, and my nan doesn't come with me to conventions, so I wouldn't have to tell her that I'd been consorting with the enemy XD

Lol, sorry for the long reply list ^_^;

Now, for other ones I've been thinking about doing, since I've decided on doing Thalassa, I'm now following on with my 'cosplaying someone just because I have some of the stuff', and thinking of doing Lamiroir - I'll have experience in curling my hair, and I'll have the hair tube things. I'll also have blue earrings from Alita, as well as an adorable Machi doll I could carry around with me <3 I don't know though, what does everyone think? I'd like to, but I'm worried I look too young to be her, since she's in her 40's. Am I too baby-faced to pull it off? Also, how does everyone say 'Lamiroir'? I've always pronounced it 'Lamb-wa', but I'm probably wrong, and I don't want to embarrass myself by saying my own character's name wrong at a convention

Thanks, and sorry for the super long post ^_^;
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