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Name of Commissioner: CosMonde
What I bought:
Price + Shipping: $84 + $40
Pictures of product: will update soon
Timeline: Ordered on June 30th, received on July 9th
I ordered this cosplay from Cos Monde on eBay on June 30th, around 9 PM. After paying them with PayPal, I quickly emailed them my chart size and other various information they require. Within four hours, they emailed back, thanking me, telling me how long it would take to make (15 days) and if I was interested in adding the wig, which I could save money. They were very prompt and polite, and their English wasn't bad at all.

Speed & Shipping/// Ebay's estimated delivery time was August 5th-9th, and it arrived only one week after I ordered! July 9th, an entire month earlier than the estimated date. Amazing. It came in a padded envelope, and I was worried that it was too thin but everything was in there.

Quality/// First, off…. AWESOME. Straight up awesome. The jacket is really nice. Its made of a leathery material that is smooth and soft. It is a deep shade of brown and has great faux fur along the collar; it's not too furry or too flat. The patches aren't embroidered, but they are similar leathery fabric sewn on. I believe its quite possible to rip the seams and take them off and put your own on, but I don't plan to. Its completely lined and is very comfortable- like a real piece of clothing! The tan suit underneath is thick and crisp and well made. The top is lined and is very comfortable. All the pockets are functioning and the buttons are nice. I think I may swap out a few of the buttons for ones with eagles or something on them, but the line of buttons on the front can't be seen anyways. The white dress shirt is just a normal shirt, its well made with nice pearly buttons. The tie is very legit, not just a strip of fabric. It is exactly like a tie and very silky. The gloves are a nice dark black leathery material and are even lined in a thin fleece, which are very warm.

Measurements/// Just a little warning, don't choose a standard measurement off the men's chart if you aren't a man, even if your measurements match up. The sleeves will be too long on the jacket and bomber jacket, and the legs will be too long as well. Otherwise, the pants fit very well as well as everything else! Things are just too long, but they are all very easy to hem, even for a beginner sewer. I probably could have given my own measurements and had it made custom for the extra $5, but I didn't know.

Extras/// The little extras were really great. The mini flag is nice, just a normal flag, but the little pole it comes with gets crushed, but big deal, its was a straw. The hamburger prop was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Its spongy and soft and eerily tooooo real. The lettuce on it looks quite crispy and the bun looks so real. Its a great prop, especially for a vegetarian like me who can't just be buying a burger here and there.

Cons/// Arms and legs too long, but easy to remedy.
Pros/// Everything else. Awesome hamburger prop, super high quality, very very fast.
Overall/// Incredibly happy. Very, very, very happy.
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