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Originally Posted by TheVampireNeko View Post
Another question from me! So, Comiket's rules say you can't have something designed to produce a loud sound, right? What about a prop bamboo flute? It can't really produce sound well, plus I wouldn't try to play it anyway(just pose with it). Do you think that'd be okay?

What about a quiver of arrows, but the arrows are stuck inside of it? It says no "loose" athletic equipment, so I figure it's okay if they aren't loose. Plus, they have no arrow heads (they are just doweling rods with 3 triangles at one end). Of course, they are under a foot long. I made them short to keep with the rules.


Tell me what you guys think...I don't want to break the rules.
I'd say maybe on the flute and the arrows (you might be farther ahead making a fake flute out of lionboard that's incapable of making a sound, it would be simple enough, and would guarantee you can keep it out). If you want to give something a try and it fits in your hand luggage, you'll be fine. If something catches staff's eye, they'll just ask you to present your book, accept your mark of shame and put it away. We've never seen anything get confiscated and quite a few times people here have gotten away with things they shouldn't have (I was allowed to wear an eyepatch if I took it off to move around the hall, some Vocaloids got away with megaphones if they could prove they didn't have batteries, etc). Cosplay staff's pretty awesome. They know the rules are tight and are usually cosplayers themselves who try to think of things from your side.
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