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AngieRikku Review

Name of Commissioner: AngieRikku

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.):
Shana from Shakugan no Shana (Noizi Ito Red Kimono Art Version); The whole shebang: Full costume, wig, prop (sword), and accessories(Necklace -and obi if that counts as one-).

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item

Timeline (how long your order took to process)
We started talking around the beginning of December 2010, the first half of the payment was sent midway of January '11. A good deal of time was spent on patterning and talk of materials and other design choices. There were various pauses in progress due to real life issues that I understood. Things were finished and paid for near the tail end of July. I had commissioned this costume for Otakon 2011 and frankly we cut things a bit close even with priority mail shipping. It arrived the 26th of July when I was going to leave for Balitimore the 28th.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
Alright so Angie was my first commissioner so I totally didn't really know what to expect except for the fact it would cost me a pretty penny for a hopefully great quality cosplay. (That is $9 an hour + material costs. But there is the saying 'time is money'. The very nice thing is she won't charge you above her highest estimate. For example the kimono probably took much more time than expected with the appliqueing of the pattern, but I was charged no more than the highest range of the quote I had originally received. And then if the estimated time is less than what she predicted and charged you she will refund it.)
Communication was a little rocky at first because I am used to snappy replies from people I know, but she e-mails on a bi-weekly basis normally. (It was never quite on the dot two weeks though. Also if there was more progress and questions the frequency of the e-mails would increase.) Angie included me in a lot of the design process like materials, colors, certain styles, and ways of doing things. It was really nice~ (As she was an affable person herself. Really! I inwardly cry a bit when I think of the cost of my cosplay, but then I think Angie really did put a lot of effort into Shana soo I can't be mad!)
As aforementioned there were some lengthy pauses for the prevalent need to focus on other aspects of her life that isn't working on a commission. And though I quite understood the reasons time was crunching away.
When I received the whole cosplay every thing was as expected they fit well and were very pretty~ Alas the post decided to smush the tip of the sword. Angie even gave me care tips for everything in an e-mail.
Somehow you can sort out the pros and cons in this fairly long commentary. All in all Angie did a great job and was worth the money though she may need to organize her time better~.

Final Grade: A

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