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I don't have a lot of historical costuming books myself (I've been mostly using online resources until recently), but I would definitely like to see what other people have to recommend!

My favourite "book" (which I actually only own in photocopies and pdfs) is the Cutter's Practical Guide. Parts 3, 4, and 9 (out of 10) of the 1898 edition can be found at the Costumer's Manifesto. Some of the other parts can be found in libraries, often on microfilm. Basically, the contents cover a complete measuring and drafting system form the end of the Victorian era, including a wide range of every day clothes. It's also the most comprehensive book I've come across on men's clothing in the Victorian era. The drafting system itself can be complicated (or at least somewhat foreign compared to modern systems) but there are lots of illustrations and tons of help on how to correct the patterns for different figures and postures. Just be prepared for math and reading tiny text, and sometimes deciphering what exactly that strange run-on sentence means.
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