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Originally Posted by Michi View Post
Cool, a picture I haven't seen of our group! Too bad I'm staring at my boots there on the far left...

My group has been doing IDOLM@STER cosplay ever since 2007 in varying numbers. We perform the songs/dances at cons all over the place, too. I've already got 8 costumes of Haruka myself!

Cute & Girly:
Live for Venus:
Yukata Maid:
Cool & Sexy:
Pop Sound Blossom:
Street Hopper:

I wore Pop Sound & Floral at AX this year, even. I am sure I will have something at next year's AX. I'm hoping the anime will help expand the numbers of IM@S cosplayers, as I've seen very little outside of my group on this side of the Pacific.
Wow, that is awesome. I am sad that I missed all that great Idolmaster cosplay.

Hopefully I get to capture your cosplay during AX 2012.
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