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Trying not to just make this thread about my group, but barely anyone else does IM@S cosplay, so...

Originally Posted by Hcoregamer00 View Post
Wow, that is awesome. I am sad that I missed all that great Idolmaster cosplay.

Hopefully I get to capture your cosplay during AX 2012.
I hope you catch some of our group next year too!

Originally Posted by ChuPata View Post
Are you with Angel Hearts?
I believe I got a vid of you at last year's PMX.

More Im@s cosplay would be nice, but more Im@s stage performances would be even better! XD
I am, but I wasn't at that specific PMX performance unfortunately! I can pass it on to the other girls, though.

We've already done around 6 performances that were specifically IDOLM@STER just this year! We were at Sac-Anime Winter, AOD, Cherry Blossom Festival in SF, Fanime, and the little SoCal Cosplay Ball event in Pasadena. Our group is performing this weekend but they're doing ParaPara, not IDOLM@STER. Haha. We're hoping to perform IM@S shows at Sac-Anime Summer and PMX again later this year.

The best way to keep up with us is our Facebook:
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