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Item purchased (please include quantity) I ordered a 36" Caramel Brown wig. What I received was a blond wig so I sent it back for a different color.

Timeline (how long your order took to process): I got the first wig within 4 days, but after returning it it's been over a month and I never received the second wig I was told was sent.

Describe your Experience:

It was good at first I was told I had received the wig I ordered but could switch the color if I wanted. So I did, I ordered a 36" Cocoa wig. I was told they did not have that length in stock so they would send me a longer one with no up charge. I thanked them for this, but this is where the real trouble began. I waited after being told the wig was shipped, but it never arrived. I asked for a tracking number three times and received no response. This was apparently due to them being at another con. When I finally got a response I was told said wig was shipped but the post office had not given them a tracking number. It's been almost 3 weeks since then I have never received that wig.

However that is not where this ends. I needed that wig for Otakon so since it hadn't arrived I was told I could get it from them at the con. The last e-mail they sent me said "are you ok with this?" I replied yes. I even asked if I could get it thursday and they said come to the booth EARLY friday morning. I found someone to get me into the dealers room half an hour early so I wouldn't have to wait till like 2 in the afternoon to put my costume on. I told them who I was and thats when they started beating around the bush saying they didn't have everything unloaded and they kept looking at the staff member who escorted us over and saying they arn't even supposed to be here. They wouldn't even look at me as they waved me off and said you come back later.

Now I am a way to nice person and It was upsetting me, and the friend I brought with me could tell. She told them we have been waiting long enough we just want the wig. They weren't even sure what color I ordered and looked at me and said "I told you I'd bring the wig if you never received it!" I'm thinking isn't this the conversation we just had online. They then proceed to say "I don't see how this is my problem!" I decided to come back later.

My friend went back alone for my wig later that day. I know that sounds pathetic, but I was upset to a point where I could not even talk to them. It was admitted to my friend that they never brought my wig in the first place. The excuse, they had just got back from another con, that was crazy and long wigs are heavy so they don't bring them.

The only Pros out of this is that at this point another owner I think his name was Tony heard what was going on and gave my friend my money back and a wig that worked for my cosplay.

Final Grade: D- The Only reason It wasn't an F was because of Tony who I give an A to. I'm not sure If I'll ever use Epic again after this. The sad thing is I've been using them a few years now and I did really like them until this. I have a few friends who have decided not to use them again after this to. Not just because of me, but they have had their own problems.
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