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Originally Posted by Capie View Post
i also just finished my hainek costume as well ^^ tho i think it could use some work
Oh! We almost have the exact same pose! :P Scary.

Your wig looks lovely. Such a sweet colour.
And personally I think your breasts look slightly too... well, big. Haineko's got the hips rather than the breasts (though they're supposed to be rather large as well).
The fabric on your arms and leg looks rather loose, too, but that might just be the fluff

Cute costume. If your picture hasn't been flipped, though, one of us has managed to mirror-flip the costume. Probably me.
*Searches google*
Yeah, it was me. Damn.

Oh, and I love your tail. Is it just sewn like that, or do you have invisible threads to hold it in that bent position?
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