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Originally Posted by Ink View Post
Oh! We almost have the exact same pose! :P Scary.

Your wig looks lovely. Such a sweet colour.
And personally I think your breasts look slightly too... well, big. Haineko's got the hips rather than the breasts (though they're supposed to be rather large as well).
The fabric on your arms and leg looks rather loose, too, but that might just be the fluff

Cute costume. If your picture hasn't been flipped, though, one of us has managed to mirror-flip the costume. Probably me.
*Searches google*
Yeah, it was me. Damn.

Oh, and I love your tail. Is it just sewn like that, or do you have invisible threads to hold it in that bent position?
hehe ya i know the breast are pretty huge but i tried to go with the most accurate as possible in the series her breast are a bit bigger than her head so i tried to go to scale with that
The legs and arms are skin tight can make them any tighter just the fur that makes them look lose
as for the tail its filled with cotton and has a metal wire in it so i can bend it to what ever shape i want at the end of the tail there is a nub of 4 layers of cardboard with elastic strips just put the tail into the hole i have in the shorts then put a belt thru the elastic strips belt it in place bam i has a tail thats going nowhere
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