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Dark Tower (Roland Deschain) Cosplay

Hey there folks. I posted here a long while back showing off a Roland Deschain cosplay I made. I've updated it to more closely match the Roland's description in "The Gunslinger", namely including blue jeans rather than historically accurate trousers. I don't think it looks quite as good personally, and may end up trading em' out. Got a slew of other western 'cosplays' and outfits both complete, and in the works as well. Most of the pictures here are just quick in home shots. I reckon I'll take some good ones in a good looking location eventually and once I get ahold of my pal who's a much more competent photographer than myself.

Reckon I'll put it out front that I realize that the clothes aren't as dirty as some folks might perceive Roland's gear after years of travel. Since I wear most of these clothes on an everyday basis, I'd prefer not to artificially shorten the lifespan of the clothing. That being said, a duster is intended to keep dirt and grim off your good clothing, so it shouldn't be long until it serves its purpose and looks nice and broken in. The hat I'm using here isn't as nice as the one I typically use either, but it's been around for some time and has a more weathered look to it. Hope you folks enjoy and let me know what you think. If you have your own Tower cosplays, or western cosplay in general, feel free to post away.

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