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Appreciate the different perspective on what people are expecting. Nice to see a fan of the series with a fresh outlook. Luckily I have blue/gray eyes already, though they're not apparent in any of the pictures. Concerning aging, I'm of the school of thought that most folks tend to overdo aging quite a lot. It can be damn near astounding to see just how much dirt you have to put on something of brown or tan color for it to show much. And even though Roland probably put his clothes through a good amount of wear, there's just not as much visible wear that occurs naturally on well worn clothes as some folks expect. I've always seen it as if you find yourself doing strange or over extreme things in an attempt to rough up clothing, you might be going a little far.

Concerning the duster, since I plan on using it legitimately, I think I'm going to let it do it's thing and break in naturally. The jeans however, I agree with you about and I'll likely do some artificial wearing on them. I've seen Roland represented quite a few times in artwork with a vest, and it's standard historical Victorian/Old West wear. I imagine since this younger Roland would still be wearing remnants of things made in Gilead, a good vest wouldn't be out of the question (They're awfully practical for storing small items, like tobacco) . Just my rationale.

Much obliged for the advice, friend.
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