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Okay, I am a cosplayer who cares about my fellow cosplayers out there, especially the newbies.(we don't want to dishearten them with negative thinking now do we?)

I think the best thing to do for originality is the youtube thing, but I personally could care less if a million people do one thing because- as it was mentioned before- they could all attack it differently.

It gets a tad bit hard to do musical skits or yaoi/shounen-ai skits that haven't been done already because you aren't the only one who likes the pairing/gets the match up of a song. This thread is probably enough to make people blow their brains out with finding a skit to do that isn't classified as "Overdone" by people. It isn't difficult to come up with something no one else has tried, I'm not saying that. But (especially with the generalizations I've seen throughout this thread) you can't rule out a whole topic as OVERDONE.

There comes a time when you have to just look at your idea and say:

1.Is it over done?
2. Do I care?
3. Is it made/organized/practiced to the best of my ability?
4. Am I happy doing it?

Cuz you can look through youtube for days, find something that hasn't been done yet, but not be thrilled with doing it.
Okay? Cosplay is here to be fun anyways. And I've made sure that I always do- during masquerades or not.

My dA!
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