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I wonder if I should just move this thread since it's not really about AX anymore... We could use a general IM@S cosplay thread!!

Originally Posted by ChuPata View Post
Let's see ... didn't go, didn't go, didn't go, didn't go, didn't go ... I guess I've been missing out D:
Since I live in San Diego I generally only do Socal events, but I know I'm coming up north for the J-pop Summit Festival in S.F. Japantown ... maybe I should just hope to catch you guys again at PMX. ;P

I added your FB page though, thanks for the link!
We might be performing at the J-Pop Summit! We're currently looking into it.


Originally Posted by Hcoregamer00 View Post
I "liked" your facebook page to keep up with your Idom@ster group.

As for IM@S cosplayers, I could see there being a pretty big jump in idolmaster cosplay. I did see a group in PMX, and I hopefully will see some more during PMX, ALA, Anime Conji, and AX.

PMX was probably my group, though. Haha. I know one girl that also does IM@S cosplay, and one guy, and then once I saw a duo at Sakura-Con... That's about it.

Originally Posted by ~Shana~ View Post
I'm planning on cosplaying as Lori. Hopefully I can add it to my long list of cosplays!
Do you mean Iori? That's neat though, what outfit?
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