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Originally Posted by Capie View Post
hehe ya i know the breast are pretty huge but i tried to go with the most accurate as possible in the series her breast are a bit bigger than her head so i tried to go to scale with that
The legs and arms are skin tight can make them any tighter just the fur that makes them look lose
as for the tail its filled with cotton and has a metal wire in it so i can bend it to what ever shape i want at the end of the tail there is a nub of 4 layers of cardboard with elastic strips just put the tail into the hole i have in the shorts then put a belt thru the elastic strips belt it in place bam i has a tail thats going nowhere
On a normal human being they aren't proportionate, though. I'd think you should go for shape, rather than size, and it'll look better (and more like Haineko, since while she is certainly well equipped, it doesn't look as grotesque as that size would on a normal non-anime person)

Oh, I see! Good idea, I might have to look into something like that. I didn't like my floppy tail. I wanted to be able to swish it around in pictures
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