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Originally Posted by Chibi Baka Zaru View Post
That's TheonenamedA:3

@TheonenamedA: Great job on your costume!!
Thanks! I'm gonna re-do it, though, I'm not too proud of it. I worked on it last minute, so most of the outfit consisted of hot-glue, haha. But when I get it done I'll definitely post pics!

Originally Posted by Hetalia-Chan View Post
Does anyone know how to keep a head piece on? I'm having a hard time on China's bird.
My favorite technique: magnets. It's what I used on my crown here and it'll really save you the trouble instead of caulking your wig! Now, not just any ordinary magnets would do. You need to use really strong magnets, such as neodymium magnets. You can buy them in a pack of 4 at Jo-anns, and maybe Michael's, for $6. They're really strong, like, they can break long fingernails if you're not careful strong. It's really easy to put in to! Just glue 2 to the head piece (make sure you use a strong glue, or else the magnet will snap off!) and slide 2 magnets under neath your wig and WA-PAH! They'll stay on like a charm, and are removable for storeage.
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