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Originally Posted by Momoko Peach View Post
-I admit that I did not read all of this, so sorry if my question has already been answered-

Is it true that contact lens expire?
Contact lenses themselves do not expire. The expiration date comes from how long the packaging can prevent outside organisms from potentially getting into the solution. The solution is what expires; not the contact itself. This is of course talking about sealed contact lenses that you haven't opened or worn.

Contacts you've worn are at risk of growing bacteria. They don't expire by the date on the package either but if you aren't wearing them regularly, the solution should be changed weekly, you should invest in a good cleaning solution, and you should toss them by the time the manufacturer suggests (usually a year for open lenses). Gas perms are rare now, but they are good for much longer, sometimes up to 15 years open.

Look at the packaging and consult the manufacturer when in doubt. Most contacts come with instructions on how long they can be stored.
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