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Hi, MercuryLampe!

For your questions, I've cosplayed Trucy - there's photos here:

The shoes, gloves and scarf were bought from random shops. The dress was a lucky find on ebay - the only editing we did was sew a few velcro bits to the front, and stick gold cardboard diamonds to them. The bag was made from felt, with a velcro fastening, and the hat was made from cardboard and covered with the same material used for the cape. The diamond for the earring (I'm sure she only has one earring - I've looked at her official artwork carefully) was originally on a necklace, which we took off it and attached to an earring hook. The green diamond on the cape was made out of clay, with wire stuck around the edges and a safety pin put in the back of it, which was then pinned to the cape (The cape was also stuck together with velcro, just to make sure that it didn't slip off)

In terms of giving you sewing advice, I can't really help you there - my nan did all the sewing for it >.< But if you have any specific questions about the sewing, I could ask her for you Also, there was an extremely helpful reference of her on that showed the exact design of her cape, but it doesn't seem to be working :/ I have the artbook with that picture in though, so if you'd like it, I could scan it in for you ~

Lol, sorry if that's way more information than you needed, but I hope it helps! ^^ Also, would you mind helping me with the questions I asked in my last post? I asked if I'd look OK as Lamiroir, or if I'd look silly as her - since I'm a young-looking 18, and she's 40 >.< Also, how do you pronounce 'Lamiroir'? I've always said it 'Lamb-wa', but I'm probably wrong - and I wouldn't want to be saying my own character's name wrong if I did decide to cosplay her! ^_^; Many thanks if you can answer my questions ~
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