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i.Fairy Super Crystal Pink

Firstly, I apologize for the upcoming double post. I am getting server errors when I try adding any more to this post :<

Personal ratings:
- Color: A+ these are the most vibrant pink lenses that are not 1 solid color!
- Comfort: A+ Great to wear, you can hardly tell you are wearing them
- Overall: A+ I love them because they are noticeable!

Abbreviated review from my DA page: These pink lenses are great when you want the color to be noticed but not as plain or boring as a solid 1-color lens. These do have a larger diameter effect than standard lenses at 16.2mm. That said, they are probably best reserved for female/feminine/child characters because they do give that "dolly" effect. I was impressed because the stock images match what you see when you wear them and for me, they are the right amount of color...the i.Fairy series seems to have hit that perfect balance if you want something noticeable but not "rave ready" and solid/bold.

The only con I can think of is that the pupil hole is quite large and they may look off-center though this is only noticeable in extreme closeups.

Full review HERE.
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