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I dusted off the Porco cosplay for the Chicago "Wizard World" Comic Con this year, and I knew it needed a bit of touching up; not only did I need a new hat, but also a new mustache (condensation from the nose wound up leaking out and wrecking it, as seen in the above photo; the left mustache has become unraveled and lost its curl).

I finally found the hat I was looking for at JCPenney, $15 after %50 off. An elastic band was stitched across the original for accuracy, and I had the perfect hat! I also managed to grab a bigger mustache, which I was also pleasently surprised to learn withstood use; even though whatever was holding it together also came loose like my first mustache, it maintained its curl a lot better, so I should be able to use it again next year.

The overall reaction was astounding; even people who hadn't seen the film were understanding who I was supposed to be, and many, many photos were taken. One of the last was with this fellow manning the Medieval Times booth, who loudly professed - despite supposedly being a Lord of the Medieval age - that he was a huge fan of the film.

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