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Hi again! I'm glad I could help, and aww, thanks <3

I just scanned in and uploaded the Trucy reference for you: (I don't know why it's not working on court-records, though - every single other picture seems to be working >.<)

It shows exactly which shapes goes on which parts of the cape, so it was very helpful It also shows that she actually has long hair in a loose ponytail, rather than short hair - it doesn't matter which you do though, as most people haven't seen that picture and assume she has short hair. I've cosplayed her with both - the 2008 photos of me are with short hair, and the more recent ones (with Mr Hat as well XD) are with long hair tied back loosely. And that side view of her is one of the few pictures of her that shows that she doesn't have an earring on the one side - it would actually be kinda helpful if you bought 2 as a set, though - I'm planning to do Thalassa now, too, which is a super easy one when I already have the outfit. But I only got one earring for Trucy, and Thalassa has 2 for some reason >.< So if you think you'd ever like to do Thalassa as well, it wouldn't hurt to get an extra earring ^^ And if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask ~

Oh, and thanks for your help, too - I think I will do Lamiroir then. ^^ You're right, age shouldn't matter ~ Also, for the name, I've asked a few people now, and everyone seems to agree on the 'wah' bit - Lol, at least we know we're getting that bit right XD And I suppose it doesn't matter if I'm actually saying the name wrong - It's such a weird name that people can't really laugh if I get it wrong XD

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