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Originally Posted by Yuki neko View Post
1 day Which is the 20th of august how about you~?
Will be there both days as I'll help to man a booth there (non-commerical booth).

Originally Posted by Yuki neko View Post
Owh ic..~:3 all r complete except I dun have the shoes T.T I Duno whether I shud just wear my gothic Lolita ones which r white or order doesn't it take a long time to come if I order them?
Well, what does the characters usually wear? Something close in the same/similar colors and design will work but anything too different will not. Can take a look at what other cosplayers (Japanese, Taiwanese, China, HK etc) in the same costume did for some ideas about alternatives to the shoes.

And even with Global Priority Shipping, think it's too late to order any shoes tho' it's not too late to look for something close at local Shoes shoes, especially the ones are Housing Estate Centrals like Mad About Shoes Shops.

Originally Posted by Yuki neko View Post
prop as in mean the weapon n stuff? o.o
Actually no for me. Need to paint something.

Originally Posted by Yuki neko View Post
I saw some vids on YouTube n I saw like some cosplayers were sitting down posing while ppl took pics and some were standing behind a white backdrop. Did the cosplayers put it uP themselves or was it the event organizers that put it up? ._.
Well, it depend on which event you're talking about.

Some events got areas where there is an areas provided by the Organizer for posing/photoshoot while other dun so cosplayers and photographers just choose some wall or area for it.

One of the tactics to get Photographers to come to you and take your photo is to sit down or stand somewhere near a background (wall, window etc) and pose but it only works if you do look pretty or/and different from rest.

Other time while walking around, Photographer might stop you and ask to take your photo. If lucky, a wall of Photographers will form up to take your photo.

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