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Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post

Good, because chances are if you say something like this you are FUCKING CRAZY.
The only time I liked this was in Whose Line is it Anyway: Daytime Talk Show sketch (Jerry Springer type sketch) they asked Ryan Stiles in the audience and his reply was "YOU DON'T KNOW ME! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!" I laughed so hard as a kid.

As for me, I just generally don't like most of the meme based internet sayings used in real life and on t-shirts: "Party hard!", "Deal with it", and "haters gunna hate" that one particularly annoys me.

1- "Nah, I don't eat meat."
2- "Well, haters gunna hate."


1-"I don't like this sunny hot days, I love overcast or rain"
2-"Hates gunna hate"

So frequent if you play games.
1-"I like rogues and warriors over warlocks and druids."
2-"NOOB! haters gunna H8t!

ect, ect...

Nothing compares to HOW people say things: like "awesome" they always put a damn uptone on it. Commercials are the biggest culprit, and I don't even watch much tv. It was annoying enough in Scrubs, now it's everywhere.
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