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Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
All of it.
Dear Fullbleed,
That was glorious.
From, Finn.

I'm so tired of, "I'm just sayin'"
I *know* you are. YOU JUST SAID IT. Especially when people say something mean and follow it right up with that. "Oh well, your mom's a whore, I'M JUST SAYIN'." Why the *hell* does it make it acceptable for you to put someone down, just because you're "just sayin'" it? Are you trying to insinuate that you don't *mean* it? Why would you say it if you didn't mean it. The thought should not have occurred in your head to say if you didn't mean it. "Your ass is huge, I'M JUST SAYIN'." You're a giant, flaming douchenozzle.... JUST SAYIN'.

I'm also sick to death of this recent trend where people leave the "o" out of "you" and put "yu," but I covered that in a different thread..
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