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Originally Posted by dagmarus View Post
People who throw non-english words in their day to day English. Especially uncommon languages like Japanese and and stuff like that.

I got this all the time in college from douchey know-it-all jerk-offs "Americans are all stupid, I'm going to move to France!" Yeah? Then go. PLEASE just go. If you hate America and Americans so much, please, stop taking advantage of our education system, pack your bags, and go. You're an adult. Leave and spare me the smug, self-important bullshit. You clearly can't stand this country or the people in it, so if we're all dumb rednecks and you hate us all, you should be willing to do whatever it takes to get out. Surely, they will welcome your hippie ass with open arms and you can complete your education there.

Also? This exchange. "You use a Dell?" "Yes. " "Why?" I dunno, maybe because I don't want to look like a douchebag like you, obnoxious hipster wannabe.
...English is built on foreign lonewords though (indeed many historical campaigns to "purge" the English language of foreign words have fallen flat on their face when such movements have the loanwords in their manifesto pointed out).

Also, I don't use a Dell. I use a PC I put together myself and paid a fraction of the price for what I'd have done for a PAC with the same specs. from Dell. Does that make me an obnoxious hipster wannabe?
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