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Originally Posted by Shine-Chan View Post
I would avoid the stuck on random gears and watch faces. They are to steampunk what super shiny satin and thin cotton broadcloth are to cosplay. Ie you want to avoid them unless you are very good at useing them without it coming off as lazy and cheep.

What I would do is think about the concept you want to do. How do you want to steampunk Marilyn Monroe? Is she a singer in a vaudeville hall, a gold digging lady with a voice, A wind up singing doll? If you start with a strong idea you will end up with something that looks lots better than if you spangled it with gears like buck shot.
I totally agree with this. Sticking on random gears, clock faces, and goggles really cheapens a steampunk look. It's become so typical that it really makes it "costumey" and you don't want that.

I like the thought of getting a good idea of what you want her to be, then figure out how you can steampunk it without ruining the integrity of both the costume and Marilyn Monroe in general.
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