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I'll assume this thread isn't dead yet and post this here...

I'm planning a self-designed version of GLaDOS-tan (I'll post that doodle of a blueprint-thing later/eventually) but I still don't know where to start and such. The whole thing is a bit of a white thigh-length dress with Miku GLaDOS sleeves and white boots, but what kind of fabric should I use to make it kinda shiny-ish. On top of that, I have no experience with boot covers and I still don't know how I should make the personality cores without ruining the whole concept of them.

On another note, volpin, if you're still lurking around this place for whatever reason, I'll say this. I hate you as of now cuz you can make freakishly realistic props (portal gun) and...I'm kinda jealous, actually. I respect your work, but I think I'll just hate you as a person anyway, mmkay?

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