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Sweeney Todd or Depp group

Ok, so I am kinda dieing to form a Sweeney Todd group of some sort. lol None of my friends would cosplay from the movie with me because they keep themselves busy with their anime cosplays and don't know the movie all too well. But I think it would be great to have a Sweeney group. I know the movie is rather old, but I still love to cosplay from it. If I did start a group, I guess I would say the role of Sweeney is already filled, but we can probably have more than one Sweeney (there are never too many Sweeneys at a con lol) and I would be happy to give up my position as Sweeney for anyone who wants to replace me, because quite honestly I know there are much better Sweeneys, and I'd want the group to be as accurate as possible.

If not, it would be awesome to have a Burton/Depp cosplay group. That would be a lot of fun as well.

So if anyone is around the NY, PA, NY area and wants to be a part of a Depp or Sweeney cosplay group let me know, it would be awesome!

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