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Originally Posted by Deuce_VII View Post
That is actually the ONLY part of the new DmC that actually makes sense to me. My reasoning: because Dante didn't ever devil trigger til Devil May Cry 3 (or earliest, in the first volume of the manga). Soo, in the evolution of becoming a demon, this would make sense, since the white hair is clearly from His demonic side. Just a theory though..
Well, if you go with the official artwork way back from DMC1, he and Vergil had white hair even as infants (referencing the portrait of Eva and Sparda with the twins).

You know, watching the trailers... I would totally forgive the new design if it turned out that this dmc character was some other kid who was being brainwashed to think he's Dante, and then the real Dante shows up later. You could almost make it work, with the first teaser they released. But... nah, Ninja Theory isn't that creative on plot, and it'd be too much of a ripoff of DMC4 (Dante showing up halfway through the game).

Originally Posted by Kawaii Pocky View Post
I started playing DMC 4 again because I never beat it on a different note. And I realize I kinda hate Nero just a bit because no devil trigger. WTF. lol
Yeah, keep playing. You'll get the cool stuff later. ^_^

Speaking of, for those who already know all the DMC4 spoilers, can anyone tell me

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
what the source was for the quote that "officially" explained that Nero was Vergil's son? I thought it supposedly came from some Capcom employee in an interview, but I never found a citation for it.

When I was watching the DMC4 trailers, I totally expected to hate Nero in the game, but as it turned out he wasn't nearly as annoying (or whiny or emo) as I expected. I still wouldn't rank him in my all-time top 5 favorite characters, but I didn't mind playing as him; I actually liked some of his gameplay elements -- Devil Bringer moves, etc. (I'm still not sure what he sees in Kyrie, though. Talk about a useless female character...)

...Aaaaand back on a COSPLAY-related topic, I totally got lucky at Goodwill this evening and scored a pair of like-new leather pants that I can modify for the MVC3 Trish I'm working on. I thought I was going to have to make them out of stretch vinyl because all the leather pants I own are the wrong cut -- but these are size 0 so they're already super tight, and they were cheaper than buying the raw materials to make pants from scratch! ^_^
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