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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
This is absolutely key. Commissioners can save themselves a lot of headaches by deciding what level of communication is not going to be onerous for them and spelling it out explicitly in a written agreement. Things like:
  • you will get an email on or before this date telling you I am starting
  • you will get an email on or before this/these date(s) with (or without) a progress photo
  • you will get an email on or before this date with a photo of the completed costume
Then sticking to it.

As a customer, if a commissioner doesn't offer an agreement like this then ask for one. If they refuse - find another commissioner. If the commissioner starts missing specific deadlines then I agree, the customer has the right to complain. If the customer feels they have no recourse other than complaining in public, then so be it.
Yeah. I think communication on what each side expects can fix most problems. Problem is, a lot of commissioners I've talked to just say "No, we're doing this my way." so I'm all "Okay bye!" and don't commission them 8| I think commissioners should be willing to work with the customers. Not "I will show you this poorly drawn sketch, that's the costume you're getting, and you have no say in it once I've started." Someone seriously did that to me once >_> I was like "No thanks then." Their picture wasn't drawn very well, so I couldn't even tell what they were going to make 8|;;

Originally Posted by Ineedaname9 View Post
...I feel like never asking for a commission again. Is it really nagging for me to ask my commissioner ever two weeks a 'hey how's it going?' then when the person doesn't respond in over a month just my only option is to wait till my deadline is past?

That seems wrong... If can't get the item thru the person I asked and paid to have it commissioned then don't I have a right to get someone else to do it for me? If I need it by a date then the longer I wait the more expensive its going to be for me to find someone else to make the items for me by the same date.

Also, I did try and contact her thru email and her blog with no response. Honestly, what other option did I have? It shows that she does come online here. As proof of her last time she visited time.
Yeah, I honestly just don't commission people anymore. I've been scammed twice now, once by i-sew and again by Loserific. So... screw that. I'm making my own stuff or going to chinese stores.

Its sad when I have to, but... that's the business now.
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