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Originally Posted by AVAAntares View Post
Well, if you go with the official artwork way back from DMC1, he and Vergil had white hair even as infants (referencing the portrait of Eva and Sparda with the twins).
So. Much. This. DMC1 Dante even said, and I quote, "Even as a child I had powers." Characters who gain power with their "coming of age" (16, 18, 21) are also incredibly common and cliche stories.

There are WAY more things left to flesh out and mysteries left unanswered in the DMC universe to think a reboot is the best idea. ESPECIALLY after DMC4, which just left us with MORE questions.

Nero, for one, is a total mystery. I cannot accept that "official" word on 'who he is' until it appears in game, because it's a HORRIBLE idea for so many reasons, it really just sounds like nobody had a clue and decided to go with an answer that kinda sorta made sense, but not really. They opened a huge can of worms by creating this character and never really resolved ANYTHING, and from the looks of it, probably never will.

Also, Sparda is another unknown. Sure, we've heard plenty about him and know the basic gist of what he did (it seems to change in every game. "THIS IS THE KEY TO THE DEMON WORLD! Oh, and this. And this. Sparda used all of these"), but I remember hearing about a PSP game being planned and getting canceled where you play as Sparda. Sparda's backstory would make a GREAT game!

When Bayonetta dick-slapped DMC in the face by using the same formula and making it better, I just really expected DMC to crank it up to 11 for the next game, but instead, they are going in the complete opposite direction. I was disappointed that 4 played slower than 3, but the unreal engine? COME ON!

ffffffffffffffffff I could rage for pages

Good luck with Nevan, Deuce, looking forward to it. You'll have to make a video though so we can all get the full effect :P
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