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Originally Posted by LordDraco3 View Post
So. Much. This. DMC1 Dante even said, and I quote, "Even as a child I had powers."
Hmm... Now that opens up its own set of possibilities. Let's see -- how about a game about Dante and Vergil's first day of kindergarten? They get in a fight and accidentally frag the playground... and then a bunch of demons attack at snack time and Dante has to defend his cookie from the dark forces of hell, but while he's busy with that, Vergil sneaks in and steals his snack, so you have a two-level bossfight...

I would totally play that game. >.< (And it would probably still be truer to the character than dmc: DMC.)

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever seen an Eva cosplay? I considered doing one way back after DMC1, but at the time I didn't quite have the sewing skills to pull it off. Are there any references of her other than the two DMC1 portraits?
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