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Originally Posted by AVAAntares View Post
Well, if you go with the official artwork way back from DMC1, he and Vergil had white hair even as infants (referencing the portrait of Eva and Sparda with the twins).
I am aware of that (and agree that it is cannon), was just trying to be optimistic about the new game...for what it's worth

Believe it or not, I've actually seen a couple Eva cosplays..several on deviantArt and one at a con a LONG time ago (Acen '08 i think). But nonetheless, it'd definitely be refreshing to see some rarer cosplays see the light of day

On my front, I have most of the rough bits done on Nevan pics yet..but it's nice to have it started. I realized yesterday in order to wire it up, I'm gonna have to half make the prop, paint it, THEN wire it, and finish making it. So it is gonna take a lil longer than I anticipated to make..but the end result should be totally worth it

I'll see if I can do a video of it in action when it's complete
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