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Merchant Review: Arda

Name of Merchant: Arda

Website/ gallery: Website

Character commissioned and series/video game: Black Jett Wig for use as Karkat (Homestuck)

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Ordered on the 15th, arrived the 25th

Describe your Experience.

Oh boy. Well, I ordered it on the 15th with 2 day shipping. I needed to make sure it was in time for SacAnime, as well as looked right. If not, I would need to style it.

Welp. After waiting, on the 19th late at night (I read it on the 20th) they sent me an email that said it was out of stock. So. They tell me this after it should have already arrived. I responded that this was really unacceptable, as I need it for SacAnime.

They respond to tell me they "don't like [my] language". What. How rude. They claim to be delaying orders, etc etc, even though this isn't on their site (just on FaceBook and Twitter, which I dont check as I hadn't bought from them before). The entire message was horribly rude, especially since I was sickeningly polite in my message (despite being upset). I was actually appalled that a professional company would talk to a customer like that.

After a bit of talking it out with them (a different person than the time before, as I see based on their signatures), they send me the wig. Apparently, they had one on hold for someone else who hadn't even paid for it. Me, actually having paid, got priority with that (after a bit of discussion on the topic).

It arrived today. When they shipped it on the 22nd. So that's 3 days with 2-3 day shipping. I did check the bag, and it just said "priority flat rate". Not sure if this was 2-3 day shipping, but it got here anyways so I don't mind.


Beautiful wig.
Large sized, so it'd fit people wig larger heads.


Absolute rudest customer service I've ever had. They treated me like a retarded child. Rude rude rude!
Didn't tell me it was out of stock until after it should have arrived

Final Grade: C+ Minus points for the rudest customer service I've ever had in my life.
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